Why should you use our Video downloader for Facebook: Download Private Videos?

Why Should You Use Our Video Downloader for Facebook: Download Private Videos?

May 12, 2022

Facebook does not give its users an option to download videos. Therefore, to download Facebook videos, especially private videos, we will need the support of Facebook video download tools. In this article, we will give you convincing reasons why you should choose our tool F2vid.com – Video downloader for Facebook to download private videos.

First, let’s find out what F2vid.com is.

What is F2vid.com?

F2vid.com is a fast and free video downloader dedicated to the world’s largest social networking platform – Facebook. This tool helps Facebook users easily download their favorite Facebook videos to their devices in high resolution: Full HD, 2K, and 4K. It also supports converting Facebook video to audio and downloading MP3. In addition to supporting downloading publicly posted videos, it also helps you to simplify downloading Facebook private videos. You can download Facebook videos directly on your browser without installing any software. Our online Facebook video downloader supports all devices (smartphones, laptops, and PC) and operating systems (Android & iOS). Besides, we have developed and released a free application with similar powerful features for Android phone users, F2VID. You can click on the link below to learn and experience this application.

F2VID for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=f2vidcom.fb.video.downloader

What is a Facebook private video? 

A Facebook private video is a video shared in closed, secret, and private groups, or one posted on a fan page or personal page but is set by the owner to be visible only to a specific person or group of users. Thus, to view it, you must log in to your Facebook account and belong to the above-mentioned groups.

Why should you use F2vid.com Video Downloader for Facebook to download private videos?

F2vid.com has powerful features of meeting all criteria of a top private Facebook video downloader. Below, we will point out a few outstanding features of F2vid that may interest you.

Simplify downloading Facebook private video

F2vid.com assists you in easily downloading private videos from Facebook in just a few quick and simple steps.

  1.  Access Download Private Video and paste the video link you would like to download 
  2. Copy the processed link and open it in a new tab
  3. Copy and paste all page source data into the input box, then click “Download” to download the private video you love. 

Why should you use our Video downloader for Facebook: Download Private Videos?

Download in high quality 

Our video downloader for Facebook supports you to download private videos with the highest quality (SD, HD, 1080p, 2K, and 4K), ensuring the best viewing experience for users.

Download audio from Facebook

Have you ever watched a video and just wanted to save the audio of that video to your device? Instead of having to use two different tools to download Facebook private video and then convert it to audio, you can save time downloading audio from Facebook easily with our 2-in-1 tool. This convenient video downloader for Facebook supports you to directly convert Facebook video to audio and then download the audio to your device. 

Free and unlimited 

Our Video downloading tool for Facebook: Download Private Videos is totally free and unlimited to use. Visit Download Private Video on our website F2vid.com to freely download your favorite private videos from Facebook. 

With the aforementioned great powerful features, F2vid.com deserves to be one of the best Facebook private video downloaders for Facebook addicts. Hopefully, these features have convinced you to trust and use our tool. 

Let’s go to our Video downloader for Facebook: Download Private Video to try and share your download experience with us.

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